Inches to Pixels Converter

Convert inches to pixels in seconds for web designing, printing or any other need.

As you can see above, this inch to pixel converter tool for web designing has a default PPI set to 96. That's because in web designing, it is fixed, there are 96 pixels in 1 inch. However, if you are using this tool for any other use, then you can change the PPI above to get an accurate inch to pixel conversion for your specific need.

Converting inches to pixels for printing? Switch this tool to printing mode by clicking on "For Printing" above.

How to Use Our Inch to Pixel Converter & All Its Features?

First select the right inch to pixel converter for your application. We have two options one for web designing, and another is for printing.

The difference between both is our inch to pixel converter for web designing takes single input, whereas the converter for printing takes two input values (for width and height).

While you would be fine using our tool meant "for web designing" for whatever needs you have, but our tool "for printing" with separate width and height inches input boxes and pixels output boxes make it more convenient if you are into print media.

Once you are done choosing between the tool options, using it is a piece of cake. Simply enter the value that you want to convert in the inches box, and the tool will convert it and display the output in the pixels box.

There's no convert button, as the tool does conversions instantaneously as you input or change values.

Also, this tool works both ways, so you can use it to convert pixels to inches as well. Doing that is also very simple. Just enter or modify the value in the pixels box, and you will see the conversion displayed in the inches box.

Common Inch to Pixel Conversions

Conversions as per 96 PPI

1 in96 px
1.5 in144 px
1.75 in168 px
2 in192 px
2.25 in216 px
2.5 in240 px
3 in288 px
3.25 in312 px
3.5 in336 px
4 in384 px
4.5 in432 px
5 in480 px
5.5 in528 px
6 in576 px
6.5 in624 px
7 in672 px
8 in768 px
8.5 in816 px
9 in864 px
10 in960 px
11 in1056 px
12 in1152 px
13 in1248 px
14 in1344 px
17 in1632 px
20 in1920 px
24 in2304 px
27 in2592 px
30 in2880 px
36 in3456 px
40 in3840 px
Conversions as per 96 PPI

Conversions as per 300 PPI

Size in InchesSize in Pixels
4 x 61200 x 1800
11 x 173300 x 5100
16 x 204800 x 6000
18 x 245400 x 7200
2 x 2600 x 600
5 x 71500 x 2100
8.5 x 112550 x 3300
5.5 x 8.51650 x 2550
8 x 102400 x 3000
11 x 143300 x 4200
16 x 204800 x 6000
24 x 367200 x 10800
6 x 81800 x 2400
8 x 122400 x 3600
20 x 206000 x 6000
16 x 244800 x 7200
20 x 306000 x 9000
Conversions as per 300 PPI

To do conversions for other pixel, inch or ppi values use the tool above.

How to Convert Inches to Pixels?

Doing inch to pixel conversion is a very easy math.

You just have to multiply the inch value with the PPI (Pixels Per Inch) to get its pixels conversion.


Pixel = Inch x PPI

Example: If you want to convert 4 inches to pixels, then as per the formula above you just have to multiply 4 with the PPI. Let's say you want to do the conversion for 300 PPI, then 4 inches is 1200 pixels (because 4 in x 300 PPI = 1200 px).

If you don't know what PPI/DPI is and how you can determine the correct PPI value for pixels ⇄ inches conversion for your use case, then I have explained it in detail on pixels to inches converter page. You can visit it to learn more about it.