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Easily Convert Centimeters (cm) To Pixels (px) For Printing, Designing Or Any Other Needs

Currently the tool is in web designing mode, and the PPI that the tool is set to by default for cm to px conversion is 96 PPI. That's because cm = 96px / 2.54 as per W3C, where 96 is the Pixels Per Inch (PPI) and 1 centimeter = 1 / 2.54 inch. But feel free to change the PPI value above if you are doing conversion for any other task than web designing.

Doing centimeter to pixel conversion for anything print related? Switch the tool to printing mode by clicking on “for printing” above for more ease of use.

How to Use Our CM to Pixel Converter & All Its Features?

Using our cm to px converter is very easy and straightforward. Begin by choosing the right mode for your conversion. Our tool has two modes for web designing & for printing.

The difference between the two modes is in the printing mode, our tool has two input boxes for width and height allowing you to convert both width and height of your print materials or designs in one go, whereas in the web designing mode the tool has a single input box.

Another difference is in web designing mode the PPI value is set to 96 PPI and in printing mode the PPI is set to 300 PPI by default. PPI value is changeable in either mode so no matter what your need is our cm to px converter can help you do conversions for your use case.

After selecting the mode right for your use case, just enter the cm value you want to convert in centimeters box or width and height in cm boxes if you are in printing mode.

No need to press the convert button or take any extra steps as our tool automatically does conversions as you enter the values and the converted values are displayed in the pixel boxes in realtime. Easy-peasy!

There's one more such great feature in our tool—it works both ways! Try entering or changing the px value in the pixel box (or pixel W x H boxes in printing mode) and the converted value in cm will be displayed in centimeters box.

TIP: In Printing mode, enter the width and height in centimeters of the paper on which you want to print your design. Then, enter the PPI, and the tool will display the exact pixel dimensions your design should be of to be printed on that paper at your desired resolution (PPI).

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Common CM to Pixels Conversions

Conversions as per 96 PPI

0.39 cm14.74 px
0.5 cm18.9 px
0.76 cm28.72 px
1 cm37.8 px
1.5 cm56.69 px
1.8 cm68.03 px
2 cm75.59 px
2.5 cm94.49 px
2.54 cm96 px
3 cm113.39 px
3.5 cm132.28 px
3.6 cm136.06 px
4 cm151.18 px
4.5 cm170.08 px
5 cm188.98 px
5.5 cm207.87 px
6 cm226.77 px
7 cm264.57 px
7.5 cm283.46 px
8 cm302.36 px
8.5 cm321.26 px
9 cm340.16 px
10 cm377.95 px
10.5 cm396.85 px
12 cm453.54 px
13 cm491.34 px
14 cm529.13 px
15 cm566.93 px
18 cm680.31 px
21 cm793.7 px
27 cm1020.47 px
32 cm1209.45 px
35 cm1322.83 px
50 cm1889.76 px
60 cm2267.72 px
73 cm2759.06 px
80 cm3023.62 px
100 cm3779.53 px
146 cm5518.11 px
170 cm6425.2 px
200 cm7559.06 px
350 cm13228.35 px
Conversions as per 96 PPI

Conversions as per 300 PPI

Size in CentimetersSize in Pixels
1.5 x 3.5177.17 x 413.39
2 x 4.5236.22 x 531.5
2 x 4236.22 x 472.44
2.5 x 3.5295.28 x 413.39
3 x 5354.33 x 590.55
3.5 x 4.5413.39 x 531.5
3.5 x 1.5413.39 x 177.17
3.5 x 2.5413.39 x 295.28
3.5 x 6413.39 x 708.66
4 x 4472.44 x 472.44
4 x 6472.44 x 708.66
4 x 2472.44 x 236.22
4 x 5472.44 x 590.55
4.5 x 3.5531.5 x 413.39
5 x 7590.55 x 826.77
5 x 4.5590.55 x 531.5
5.5 x 8.5649.61 x 1003.94
6 x 3708.66 x 354.33
6 x 4708.66 x 472.44
8.5 x 111003.94 x 1299.21
8.9 x 5.11051.18 x 602.36
10 x 151181.1 x 1771.65
10.16 x 15.241200 x 1800
12.7 x 17.781500 x 2100
13 x 181535.43 x 2125.98
13.5 x 191594.49 x 2244.09
14.8 x 211748.03 x 2480.31
15 x 211771.65 x 2480.31
21 x 29.72480.31 x 3507.87
21.6 x 27.92551.18 x 3295.28
50 x 705905.51 x 8267.72
60 x 1607086.61 x 18897.64
70 x 1008267.72 x 11811.02
Conversions as per 300 PPI

To do conversions for other centimeter, pixel or ppi values use the tool above.

How to convert cm to px?

Centimeter To Pixel Conversion Formula:

Pixel = Centimeter x PPI / 2.54

To convert cm to px, simply multiply the centimeter value you want to convert with the PPI (resolution) and then divide it by 2.54. For example, if an image is 3.5 cm wide and has a resolution of 300 PPI, the calculation in pixels would be: 3.5 cm x 300 PPI ÷ 2.54 = 413.39 px

As you just saw, doing this math is pretty easy. You just have to put the values in the formula and do simple multiplication and division.

But, how did we take the PPI value as 300 in the above example? Should you also take the value of PPI as 300 to do your cm to pixels conversion just like we did?

No, PPI is not fixed and it depends on what you are doing cm to px conversion for—it can be a graphic that you are designing to add to your website, or a picture you want to print, or anything else.

For every use case there's a unique PPI value that you have to decide based on how sharp or large you want an image or design to look.

We have explained what PPI/DPI is and how you can determine it for your conversion in detail on our px to cm converter page.

If you don't know about it or are confused, we would highly recommend you to read and understand it before proceeding with conversions.

Lastly, we hope that our cm to pixel converter tool and the related information on this page helped you to accurately convert values from cm to px for your needs.


How many pixels is 3.5 x 4.5 cm?

It depends on the DPI—at 200 DPI 3.5 x 4.5 cm is equal to 275.59 x 354.3 pixels, at 300 dpi it's 413.39 x 531.5 pixels, at 600 dpi it comes to 826.77 x 1062.9 pixels and at 96 dpi it's 132.2 x 170 pixels.

What is 6 * 3 cm in pixels?

6 * 3 cm at 100 dpi equals to 236.2 x 118.1 pixels, at 200 dpi it equals to 472.4 x 236.2 pixels and at 300 dpi it equals to 708.6 x 354.3 pixels.

How many pixels is 3.5 cm by 1.5 cm?

3.5 cm by 1.5 cm at 96 dpi equals to 132.2 x 56.6 pixels, at 100 dpi it comes to 137.8 x 59 pixels and at 200 dpi it comes to 275.5 x 118.1 pixels.

Is 300 DPI Clear?

Yes, 300 DPI is considered as a high resolution and is clear enough for most use cases. However, if you are taking a print out of an intricate art or printing a cover for magazine, you may want to use a higher DPI value.

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